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How EZ Disposal and Castlewood Studios Teamed Up

When most of us think about our trash service, it rarely goes beyond the chore of taking our container to the curb and waiting for our smelly leavings to be hauled away. But if the people like EZ Disposal, who collect your home or business’ garbage without fail week after week, year after year, were suddenly no longer there, and your refuse kept piling up higher and higher and smelling worse and worse, you’d no-doubt gain a much greater respect for the services they provide.

Aside from clearing away your trash, though, you probably expect other services from a great waste disposal company as well, like friendly and efficient customer service, flexible payment arraignments, and a dedication to clearly communicating with their clients.

These are the kinds of often-forgotten yet incredibly-important services thousands of people in and around Lebanon Missouri would miss if EZ Disposal ever closed its doors.

EZ Disposal’s humble beginnings date back to 1997, when they emerged as Lebanon Missouri and the surrounding area’s homegrown solution to waste management. Today, they’ve grown to become Lebanon’s biggest and most-respected trash disposal company, with years of reliable service under their belts and thousands of satisfied customers. At the rate things are going, there’s an excellent chance they’ll still be around after most of us are gone.

Yet despite their experience making the world a sweeter-smelling place for others, they couldn’t help but notice that something stunk about their own online presence.

After doing their homework, they knew they needed a company just as reliable, dependable, and hardworking as they were to meet their web design and administration needs.

That’s why they chose Castlewood Studios.



How Castlewood Helped EZ Disposal

The folks at EZ Disposal might not be the biggest trash disposal company in the world, but they are a very large, respected, and important company in our neck of the woods, and needed to present themselves as such to their website’s visitors.

While they didn’t want a fancy, flashy website that cost tens-of-thousands of dollars to design, implement, and maintain, they did want something professional and attractive; something that allowed them to share information, answer common questions, and offered their clients the convenience of paying their bills online.

After we understood what they were after, we immediately began building a website they’d be proud to call their own. In addition to their requests for subscriptions, remote posting, and bill payment capabilities, we knew their website also needed to be fast, secure, reliable, rank well in the search engines, and be able to display properly on any number of modern Internet-connected devices.

So that’s the kind of website we built.

In the years since we first created their website, we and EZ Disposal both have been extremely pleased to see the amount of traffic it regularly attracts, and the amount of people that have chosen EZ Disposal’s services.

Now it’s your turn. Does your business need a website or help with marketing your products and services online? Do you enjoy friendly and professional customer service, and working with people that sincerely want to see your website, and your business, succeed?

Then Contact Castlewood Studios today, and let us help with all of your business’ web design, Internet marketing, and content creation and distribution needs.