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Phone (417) 533-7870

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Every week our customers can put out their full 93 gallon curbside cart and 3 thirty gallon bags.  That is 183 gallons of trash!

Call Today to get a your cart delivered to your home. 417-533-7870 or 888-400-8941

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Things You Should Know


You are responsible for canceling your service.  If you move or do not need the service, until you contact the office your billing will continue.



-Please set trash out the night before or by 4:00 a.m. the morning of your pick up day.

-The holidays that drivers observe are Thanksgiving, Christmas, and New Year’s Day.  Your service will run a day later (in that week) if it is on or after the holiday.  All other holidays are ran on schedule.

-Due to bad weather conditions the routes may be canceled for safety reasons.  If this occurs your trash will not be picked up until road conditions are considered safe.  No credits will be issued.



-If service is canceled before your first pick up and cart has already been delivered, a delivery fee will apply.

-The cart is owned by E-Z Disposal. (Carts) Stolen, damaged, or destroyed are the customers responsibility and is an automatic $100.00 cart fee.

-Always keep  the cart up by house unless it’s the night before or day of your pick up to avoid carts being tampered with or stolen.


If you have any questions, please feel free to call the office.





Pink Carts for Beating Cancer

Get One!

How to Get a Pink Cart

PinkCart_35g_corner1-e1270585710140Call EZ disposal today and simply ask for the Pink Cart!   417-533-7870 or 888-400-8941  or use our Contact Us form if it is after business hours.  We will get a cart to you ASAP!

What are the Benefits?

EZ Disposal is offering The Pink Cart in a 96-gallon  tall rolling curb cart to help fight cancer.  It is the largest cart we have ever offered.  Combined with EZ Disposal’s 3 extra 30 gallon bags a week, it is the best value for curbside trash service in the area.   In total, you may dispose of 186 gallons a trash a week.  That is almost triple what other curb cart services allow.  All for $1.15 extra a week.

How Does a Trash Cart Fight Cancer?

These pink rolling curb carts help fight cancer in 3 ways:

For every Pink Cart our customers use , EZ Disposal donates $5 to the American Cancer Society.  If we hit our goal this year of 2,000 carts, we will have donated $10,000!

Every month you use a Pink Cart, EZ Disposal donates $1 to Curry Cancer Foundation.  If we hit our goal, that will be $12,000 helping to beating cancer.

Raising awareness.  Imagine 2,000 Pink trash carts out reminding everyone to help defeat cancer!  It will be a powerful statement for change!



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